There’s no reason to feel protective over something that’s not mine anymore.

Fucking hate this. Every time I’m away from you, I can’t stand being alone. But being with you reminds me of our past, and then I’ll freak out and retrieve back to my lonely thoughts. Every time you’re out I can’t help but to wonder all the things you’re doing, with friends, by yourself, etc., and then I wonder if you’re happier without me. Because in the end, you’ll realize that you are.

Tired of everyone and their shit, this place, my memories, and even myself these days.

Anonymous asked:
lot of douche people lurk your blog LMAOOOO. kelly you're an awesome girl!!! stay being awesome.

tell me about it -_- lol
Thanks kind stranger !!!:)

"If I’m a bird, you’re a bird"

Anonymous asked:
Do you think you deserve to be loved? If no, why?

Doesn’t everybody deserve to have some kind of love? Whether it be from someone romantic or not. Without love, how can one function normally without having depressing & suicidal thoughts?

I don’t think I deserve love romantically, this has been a struggle for the longest time with myself. Not because I think I’m unattractive or a boring individual but simply because I don’t think I’m ready, and I make mistakes and I hate seeing the other person hurt. If I can’t even understand and control my own feelings, then I don’t think I should put myself in the situation to even be in a relationship. I have other personal issues to resolve first before putting it on another person’s shoulders. All that “take chances, and go for it you never know blah blah,” yeah been there done that.

Anonymous asked:
Some things you wish you could change about yourself that hurt relationships you make in life?

I was just having a conversation with someone about this today actually. And it’s still affecting me, especially these past few weeks. Lately a lot that has happened with me has a lot to do with the fact that I have so many things I have yet to change about myself, and even though the past has taught me, I still can’t seem to change them. Which is frustrating.
In all relationships, probably working on being more straightforward with people, being more punctual, less drinking- more intellect.
In SO’s, being more honest, showing that I care more, not being indecisive, not letting the past dictate my present/future, being overly jealous, thinking crazy-bitch thoughts…..the list goes on.

Anonymous asked:
What's the least tea you drink?

Probably Earl Grey, since I’m not a huge fan. lol what’s with the questions about tea?

I loved Coven, Asylum was messy, just like Murder House, but AHS has gotten better over the seasons. I’m really excited for 4!!!!

Anonymous asked:
Done anything questionable this week?

I’m not sure what you mean by that, but yeah I guess so.

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